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About Us

About Us

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Our therapists provide individual therapy to adults (18+) who are looking to manage anxiety, depression, eating disorders, or relationship concerns. We have availability for couples counseling on a limited basis. In therapy, we use evidenced-based interventions from CBT, ACT and DBT treatment modalities. 

In therapy, we work with you to identify treatment goals. These goals provide direction, and are a framework within which change becomes possible. ​Our role as your therapist is to walk with you, maintain this framework, and keep it in perspective as together we expand our understanding of what has led you here,  and where it is you'd like to go.

​Our Story

The White Oak is common in Central Virginia. Its roots form a foundation beneath the surface that is both dependable and vast. Its growth is steady, and its bark is durable.

Having a foundation, persistence and continuous growth are attributes that help all of us move forward in our lives. We feel that the White Oak symbolizes this perfectly in counseling - and became the inspiration for our name.

Carly's Office
Who We Are

Who We Are

White Oak Counseling_Becca B Photography
Carly Mount, Psy.D.

Issues: Anxiety, Depression, Relationships, Eating Disorders


I help adults with anxiety, depression, eating and relationship issues find connection, feel empowered, and make meaning in their lives.


My approach is humanistic and relational, which means therapy is customized by individual needs, strengths, and challenges. I compliment this with the use of evidenced-based modalities, such as DBT. I believe self-transformation occurs through awareness, acceptance, and connection. Skill development and application is integral to this process. 

I am a Charlottesville native and have an appreciation for nature-related activities, food and the arts, and a small-town-feel. In my spare time I enjoy outdoor sports, reading, spending time with friends and family, doing crafts, cooking, and being with our animals. 

WhiteOak_BeccaBPhotography-25 An Headsho
Angela D'Amelio, LMFT

Issues: Anxiety, Depression, Relationships


I am passionate about helping individuals and couples thrive in relationships with others. I help people manage anxiety, depression, and relationship issues. Working from a Cognitive Behavioral perspective (CBT), I can help you reclaim strengths, tap into personalized inspiration, and find the balance of caring for others as well as yourself.


My goal is to create a collaborative environment where we can explore the connections and keys to beliefs, thoughts, and emotions in order to create meaningful relationships and healing in your own aspirations.

I grew up in Alaska and spent many recent years in Florida. I find joy in learning more about where I live through unique local experiences, and during my time traveling. I find my daily wholehearted living through time with family and friends, all things musical, learning new crafts, and getting outside.

Issues: Anxiety, Worry, OCD, Panic, Adjustment 


I focus on helping people manage anxiety, worry, social anxiety, panic or OCD. I believe therapy is a collaborative experience and is individualized by your specific values. I aim to create a space where we can explore what truly matters to you, while I guide us in the development of achievable goals.


In our sessions, we will work together and at your pace. We will identify goals and explore strategies to help you get there. I use evidence-based CBT, ACT and ERP interventions. 

I grew up in the Chicago suburbs and feel fortunate to call Charlottesville home. In my spare time I enjoy sports, reading, cooking and exploring Central Virginia with my dog and family.

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Michael Bankert, LCSW

Issues: Depression, Anxiety, Adjustment to illness


I am committed to helping clients find success in overcoming life’s obstacles. I have experience working with individuals in a variety of clinical settings, including inpatient psychiatry, community mental health and medical facilities.

Using a compassionate and accepting approach, I support my clients in identifying problem areas, building new skills, and bolstering existing strengths. I draw from a variety of perspectives, primarily ACT and CBT, to empower clients to recognize the challenges they face while making deliberate and solution-focused changes.


I recently moved to the Charlottesville area from Washington, D.C. and am looking forward to everything the area has to offer. In my free time, I enjoy staying active by running, biking, and hiking, in addition to cooking new recipes, streaming new shows, and searching for the world’s best fried chicken sandwich.

Eric Mount, LCSW
Katie Allen Headshot.jpg
Katie Allen, LPC



Issues: Anxiety, Depression, Adjustment


My goal is to help you build trust in your ability to make the best choices for yourself as you move through life. This means creating awareness of ways you can be more gentle and accepting of yourself as you are now, in addition to identifying areas you are ready to change. I work with adults of all ages, and have an affinity for working with college-aged individuals and young professionals. I strive to meet people with where they are at by providing trauma informed, culturally-humble support, using evidenced based modalities. This may include interpersonal, strength-based, mindfulness, CBT and DBT techniques.  


After spending time in Boston & Pittsburgh, I occasionally miss city living, but am grateful to have returned home to Charlottesville. I enjoy walking in the mountains, being with horses, listening to live music, cheering on UVA basketball, and spending time with friends & family.



Murphy, our playful brown chocolate lab, brings a touch of silliness and joy to our therapy office. While he isn't a certified therapy dog, his goofy antics never fail to elicit smiles and cheer. His presence adds a lighthearted warmth to our atmosphere, reminding us that healing often comes in unexpected, playful moments. He enjoys welcoming you at the door, showing off his chew toys, and receiving pets. In his free time he likes to go on hikes, swim, give kisses, and play fetch.


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White Oak Counseling

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